Monday, September 17, 2012

I'm not sure where to start; that's really not a problem though is it?  I told my sister Ruth today that I would try to start writing and so I'll give it a try.

Right now I am tired, but I wanted to start this before I tell myself that yeah, I'll get to it someday.

So the gist of this is:  I saw my oncologist today.  I am going to start chemo next week or the week after.  It depends on when the surgeon can put the port in.  (More on that and what it is at some future date).  Jim and I have been expecting this to happen since April/May of this year.  Even though we knew it was coming; it still was a bit of a shock.

This afternoon was full of phone calls to family to let them know what is going on, with assurances to call again on Thursday after we see the surgeon.  Sometime before then I'll be sending private messages out on Facebook to let my friends know.  I'm not up to doing that tonight.

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