Friday, March 1, 2013

Why I Love Facebook

I don't always love Facebook, I have some complaints with it.  Like a constant change of their format, deciding for me that I want the Top News, not the Most Current (which I prefer), stuff like that.  Then there are days like yesterday when I have private messages from not one, but two friends from way back when.  You know, from the Jr. High and High School years.

It's nice being able to have contact with people who knew me when (and they still like me!!  LOL!).  I've been glad to have contact with people who at one time were out of my life for what I thought would be forever.  Years ago we moved 450 miles away from where we grew up and I thought that I left all those people behind me forever.  Sniff.  Not so with Facebook (and other social media).  In addition, this week has been a little rough.  I realized I was depressed this week.  Hearing from old friends helped a lot.

Until next week!

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