Monday, February 25, 2013

Blue Monday

I guess it shouldn't come as any great surprise to me to find myself feeling a little depressed lately.  Considering what's been going on in my life the last year.  Starting with Dad's open heart surgery last February and ending with the end of my chemotherapy this month.  In the middle of that put a year of just not feeling that great.  So, no, I'm not surprised I'm feeling a bit depressed.

Now, the good news in all that.  I know how I'm feeling.  I can pin the start of it to last week.  Knowing what's going on is a huge step.  I'm aware of it, and I can take action to deal with it.  Like yesterday.  I was feeling creative.  I have a cork board behind the desk I'm working at.  Saturday I bought some large glittery scrapbook pages and some shamrock stickers (for good luck).  Yesterday I put them up.  Sitting here now at my computer I'm looking at a cheery background that is all nice and sparkly.  I even put up a picture of me and my 3 sisters (smaller version of the one I gave them in a picture frame for Christmas - Sisters~Sisters!).  Friday, I rearranged what was on the desk to reflect me and not all hodge-podge (Don't know where to put it?  Put it on the desk....).  And yes, sister Nancy, it includes a couple of Carnival glasses (and now my colorful corkboard has a drink umbrella on it!)

So what else do I do?  Well, first off, after I finish this, I talk to Jim (before I post this).  I made myself start the laundry today.  I woke up this morning telling myself that I would just put it off until tomorrow.  I'm looking for, oh, what's the word I want to use here.....okay, cheap, cheap speakers for my iPod so I can listen to music while I'm here in the spare room.  I/we have scented candles burning.  I remind myself of the things I have to look forward to coming up.  Like our trip to Knoxville to see Jimmy and Kim next month.  Our trip to Ohio at Memorial Day to see our families.  And our big cruise in October.  Plus, there is our Saturday "date day" every week.  And just knowing that I'm not in this alone.  Life is good.

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