Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Late to bed; late to rise.......

I know what Ben Franklin has to say about early to bed and early to rise.  I guess he'd shake his head at me and just call me a sluggard.  Well gee, insert choice words here.

It might be past the noon hour, and yes, I didn't just roll out of bed, and I've got my day going.  Laundry and such.  I'm feeling some better today.  I did talk to Jim yesterday and he understood what I was feeling.  He made sure I was still on my anti-depressant (or as I call it, better living thru chemicals).  As I said yesterday, just knowing what's going on helps.  As for what to do about it, well, I'm working on that.  It would help if I were physically able to be more active, but I'm not there yet.  That will come as the weeks go on.  I have plans to go back to the gym and Weight Watchers in 5 weeks.

So moving on.  Here's what I want to say today.  Its getting better and it will continue to get better.  I'm going to start adding more activity in 5 weeks, and I'm thinking of adding yoga before then.  Sister Nancy will have to get on me about that one.  In 3 1/2 weeks we have a trip to Knoxville!!  After that we'll see about going a little further from home on our Saturday date day.  Oh, and late to rise isn't a bad thing.

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